Witness Interviews

Private investigators use witness interviews to develop information in preparing for civil litigation or criminal defense. Interviews are not interrogations. It is important to establish a cordial relationship with the witness. The objective is to develop information that can be reduced to a signed statement. Statements can be used in a court proceeding to impeach witness testimony if there are inconsistencies. Similarly, statements can corroborate information developed during the discovery process such as, e-mails, financial statements, and other document evidence.

Glens Falls Witness Interviews

At J&R Folino, LLC, Private Investigation Services, our investigators are skilled fact-finders able to obtain information through effective interviewing. We have the experience to prepare and conduct a fair and impartial witness interview. We work hard to gather and document all the facts and evidence. J&R investigators know how to work with the witnesses to insure the information provided is accurate while at the same time assessing the witness’s ability to testify in court. We know this information is vital to the attorney preparing for court presentation.

Even if police, insurance adjusters or others have previously interviewed a witness it does not mean all the important information was disclosed. At J&R we know the importance of witness interviews cannot be over emphasized; they can make or break a case.

Glens Falls Witness Interview Investigators