Personal Injury

Personal Injury Accidents can be tragic and life changing. There are many moving parts that impact injured party’s claim. If you are involved in an accident the first thing is to seek immediate medical attention. When possible, insure the accident scene is documented and witnesses are identified. The police generally do this. If possible, the injured should take notes; take photographs of the scene and damage to vehicles with a cell phone, and record witness names and addresses.

Glens Falls Personal Injury

The next important step is to retain a personal attorney to insure you receive just compensation for your claim. We have worked with personal injury attorneys in preparing injury claims for litigation. Our role is to work with their legal team by reviewing police reports, all evidence including photographs, and interviewing witnesses to ensure accuracy and completeness of the information reported. Accidents are traumatic and can emotionally affect witnesses and how they report what they have seen. As a result, witness accounts can contain inaccuracies that can adversely affect the injured party’s claim. Our experienced investigators work with witnesses to determine the accuracy of their account of the accident. Our purpose as part of the legal team is to prepare the strongest possible case for settlement or court.

When you are the injured party you need to seek the services of an attorney who specializes in personal cases and is comfortable in the courtroom.
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