Personal Injury Accidents

There are many types of accidents that happen to people through no fault of their own and result in a personal injury claims. What takes place from the time of the accident to the resolution can be a long and tedious process for the injured party. A well-prepared case can result in a just and favorable settlement and even avoid the need for litigation.

In some instances, the injured party might be reluctant or slow in reporting an injury. Reporting the circumstances of the accident or incident and documenting any injuries is vital to the injured party’s claim. The injured party should receive immediate medical attention and where appropriate insure a police report is made. When possible the injured party should take notes; identify possible witnesses; and use a cell phone to record video and or photographs of the scene. In cases involving a death the police investigation report is critical.

The next and most important action an injured party should take is to retain the services of an attorney. In choosing a personal injury attorney experience, expertise and specialization are the key elements to obtaining justice for the injured party. The attorney, after determining the scope of work needed to advance the injured party’s interest, may retain a licensed professional private investigator experienced in the investigation of personal injury claims to assist in preparing the case. The investigator will become an important part of the legal team and when retained by an attorney the investigator’s work is protected as ”attorney work product.”

The investigator will become thoroughly familiar with the accident by reviewing information provided by the attorney, the injured party, police reports or other evidence. Witnesses will be interviewed and statements taken, where appropriate, to develop evidence, that supports the injured party’s claim.

If you are injured by the negligence of another party you need an attorney who can bring the legal resources together to fight for your rights. Check out the personal injury claim services on this website for additional information.