Internal Corporate / Workplace Investigations

Internal corporate investigations are complex and require a strong commitment from management to seek an unbiased comprehensive investigation resulting in an appropriate resolution. There are workplace investigations that involve criminal activity and others involving interaction between employees and management such as discrimination practices, sexual harassment, questionable ethical practices, and workplace violence. These can be difficult, sensitive matters to investigate and require an experienced investigator with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in protecting the company from unwanted lawsuits.Glens Falls Internal Corporate Investigations

In some companies, investigations are conducted with Human Resource personnel and may be the company attorney or an employee conducting the investigation under the direction of the company attorney. Some companies bring in an outside attorney or a private investigator.

If the company attorney is used it may negate the attorney-client privilege and raise the probability of a biased investigation accusation. There is the option between using an attorney from outside the company or a private investigator. Use of an outside attorney can also result in potential loss of privilege. If there is any chance of litigation, the outside investigator is the best choice.

Glens Falls Workplace Investigations

There are many federal and state laws dealing with internal company investigations that impact on employee rights, which add to the complexity of the investigation. For example, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides guidelines for employers to determine how to investigate claims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The guideline’s are not law, but follow Supreme Court decisions and are adhered to by employers and investigators throughout the country.

The EEOC guidelines are a reflection of the complexity of workplace complaints and investigations. J&R Folino, LLC, Private Investigation Services has the training and Human Resource and internal investigation experience to work with you on proper handling of these complex and often sensitive investigations to help protect your company from expensive litigation.

When your organization, private or public, is in need of an internal investigation you need a trained team with investigative experience. J&R investigators will assess the scope and nature of the problem and determine the investigative steps necessary to achieve a successful outcome. We strive to protect the integrity of your corporation or public entity and ensure the safety of its employees.

Our investigations can include but are not limited to:
• Sexual Harassment
• Employee Theft
• Fraud and Embezzlement
• Ethics Violations
• Workplace Violence

J&R’s experienced team can make the difference.