Case Study 1: Defrauded Partner Requests Asset Search

A western state business owner involved in a partnership was defrauded of five million dollars when her partner transferred money from their company’s joint assets without her knowledge or approval. When she confronted her partner about the missing money the partner informed her he was bankrupt and had no assets. She later discovered he was under federal indictment for swindling others.

J&R investigators conducted a thorough asset investigation involving separately owned businesses and personal property and discovered a history of transferring property to family members. J&R investigators conducted background research on her partner, his wife and other family members involved in the property transfers. Investigators discovered and reviewed property records in targeted New York Counties. Surveillance was employed where questionable business property transfers were identified. Department of Motor Vehicles records were searched for equipment.

J&R investigators successfully identified hidden property and equipment owned by the partner. The client was provided with certified records of property and equipment owned by her former partner for presentation in a court proceeding.(This case is an example of the importance of business background investigation before entering into a partnership.)